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Property Websites


Whether it is a home for you and your family, or an investment for your future retirement, investing in property is a long-term strategy that has made more millions than any other asset investment. Although property prices can rise and fall, the trend has always been that house prices will go up. This remained true throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns, and the housing market continues to go from strength to strength as we begin to see the light at the end of that tunnel.

House sellers need to be able to list their property for buyers to find them. But how do you go about doing this? Traditional high street estate agents are one way to go, with many offering online services. Some sellers prefer to go it alone and list their homes locally. In contrast, many others use services like Griffin Property to gain the online advantages of working with an estate agent, but with drastically cheaper fees.

So, where can sellers see their properties listed? Let's take a look at the online property portals (websites) that will advertise your homes. In this guide, we go through all the best property websites and consider their pros and cons to give you an idea of which ones you should be considering.

The list of the best property websites in the UK:

  1. Zoopla
  2. OnTheMarket
  3. Rightmove
  4. Boomin
  5. Prime Location
  6. Placebuzz
  7. Mitula
  8. Home
  9. Trovit
  10. Nestoria
  11. HomesGoFast
  12. Nethouseprices
  13. Waterside Properties
  14. Rentify
  15. UK Land Directory
  16. Smart New Homes
  17. Propertynews

When it comes to selling your property, naturally, you want to achieve the highest asking price possible. To do this, you not only need a realistic price, but you also need to have as many people see your listing as possible. For this reason, it is important to get your home listed on one of the major property portals in the UK. For a long time, the market has been dominated by Rightmove, with Zoopla hot on its heels, but with current market trends, Rightmove has slipped to third place on our list as Estate agents, sellers, and buyers have begun to abandon the site. It makes sense to pick an option that will result in your home being listed in the largest and most vibrant markets, which is why we value Zoopla and OnTheMarket above all others. Rightmove remains a valuable tool at times, but with the busy housing market still in full slow, properties on Zoopla barely get listed before hungry buyers snap them up.

A special shout out to the newcomer on our list, Boomin. Boomin has hit the market with a powerful and user friendly search engine and a wide variety of properties for sale.


Zoopla Property Website

#1. Zoopla (

Pros: Zoopla is a great website with an excellent companion app. It is packed with useful resources, making it easy to estimate your home's value, local information and community tools. Whether you are buying, selling or renting a property, Zoopla is a great site to be listed on.

Cons: While the site is packed with features, website functionality is not as slick as some competitors. Individuals cannot list properties on Zoopla directly; however, listings can be created with budget friendly online estate agents.

About: Zoopla was launched in 2008 and has become one of the most useful property websites in the UK, attracting 50 million monthly visits. If your goal is to sell your property as quickly as possible, then Zoopla is the ultimate go-to website. The company combines property listings with market value information and vital info for prospective buyers. Read more about Zoopla here.

On the market property website

#2. OnTheMarket (

Pros: OnTheMarket offers a quick and easy search tool, a solid app, and is easy to use. They claim that you will see properties here before they get listed on sites such as RightMove and Zoopla.

Cons: OnTheMarket has significantly fewer properties listed, and users go where the listings are. This, in turn, means fewer agencies list with OnTheMarket. However, with recent changes to RightMove fees, estate agents are looking at alternatives to avoid being forced to pass on expensive additional fees to their clients, and subsequently, many more properties are now being listed at OnTheMarket. While easy to use, the search feature has less advanced tools, which somewhat hamper the site and means that OnTheMarket is not yet the contender it may one day be. Like RightMove and Zoopla, OnTheMarket does not accept individuals listing their property.

About: OnTheMarket is a very simple way to search for property, originally created by ex-countrywide employees. The site aims to provide quick and easy service to find or sell a property. It also aims to limit the monopoly of Zoopla and RightMove by only listing properties on one or the other (in addition to the OnTheMarket platform).

Rightmove Property Website

#3. Rightmove (

Pros: Rightmove remains one of the UK's largest property websites, with over 77% of time spent on the top 4 websites occurring on Rightmove. Listings can be added quickly, easily managed, and removed when a sale is completed. The platform offers a good range of tools and has adapted to the Covid-19 changes, allowing virtual tours to be linked from any listing. However, its past successes are hampering its growth, as increased fees have resulted in estate agents abandoning the site to avoid charging their clients higher fees. This will lead to a shrinking pool of properties on what was once the top platform.

Cons: Only registered estate agents, lettings agents, and new home developers can add properties to Rightmove. This prevents individuals from listing their own homes without assistance. Due to rising costs, properties are now being shared on alternative websites more frequently, and search volumes are falling. Read more about Rightmove here.

About: Rightmove is currently the UK's leading property website, but its monthly visits appear to be shrinking. Rightmove previously advised that it received 218 million monthly visits, but based on data from, this seems to have fallen to 97.8 million as of April 2022. You'll be pleased to know that you can get listed on RightMove without resorting to expensive high street estate agents, but be aware that additional fees may apply. Griffin Property offers low priced options for getting your home listed on several websites.

Prime Location Property Website

#4. Boomin (

Pros: Boomin is a rapidly up-and-coming UK-based property website. The site covers the usual rental and sale markets, with a sizeable number of properties listed. In addition, Boomin offers the opportunity to book a local estate agent or use an online provider like Griffin Property to obtain a quotation for your home. The site also features a "play" function, allowing aspiring buyers to browse ideas for showcase kitchens, bathrooms, gardens, and so on.

Cons: It's not yet the largest player in the market, so it does not have the biggest number of properties listed, but they are climbing fast. We suspect they'll be fighting for one of the top spots soon.

About: Launched in April 2021, Boomin is a modern website designed to appeal to the younger market, hungry to browse, collect and share their favourite properties. Like Pinterest, you can create boards full of inspirational content and show them off to friends.

Prime Location Property Website

#5. Prime Location (

Pros: PrimeLocation features a more advanced search function, international properties, advice pages, and good tools. Features like 'Hide Property' are nice when you're trying to whittle down your selection to the perfect house to buy.

Cons: The site is not as user friendly, and its property pages feel a little old fashioned in design, resulting in the listings being harder to read. The site is a little sluggish.

About: Prime Location is one of the big four of the UK's leading property websites. It specifically provides a medium for house hunters and property owners to buy, sell, rent, or lease prime property. Users can view properties from London to Australia. As with the first three sites we've listed, Prime Location is not an estate agency. Instead, it is merely a property portal that hosts and provides information regarding homes for sale or rent.

While it's not possible for individuals to list their properties on PrimeLocation, the site does make it easy for users to find estate agents in their area that can get them listed. Read more about Prime Location here.


As you can see, getting listed on the biggest platforms is not something individuals can do directly. The reason for this is agreements between the estate agents and the platforms, ensuring that only agents will be able to list properties to ensure that the listings remain honest. This prevents any attempts to mislead the public in the listings. Griffin Property Co. can assist you with our cost effective house selling package. Check out the details here.

placebuzz Property Website

#6. Placebuzz (

Pros: Users will feel supported in their house hunting journey as they have the ability to save, share and create alerts for any of their favourite properties and locations. The Blog provides constructive property articles where users can find homeware ideas, home styling videos and personal moving stories, which are all useful to those wanting to learn more about property. Another great feature is the Area guides that give honest reviews and ratings about a location, which can also be added to by users.

Cons: Although filters are available in the search bar, they are slightly limited compared to some other companies. Placebuzz also currently only accepts agent listings with no private landlords on the site.

About:Placebuzz is an easy-to-use property search portal that connects users to thousands of homes that are available to Rent and Buy in the UK. The platform enables users to filter through properties suited to their criteria with a quick and effective search engine. With the benefit of useful features, such as area guides, users can discover more about different locations across the nation before committing to a new home.

Mitula Property Website

#7. Mitula (

Pros: You can list homes, cars, jobs, and fashion in a global market. It is cheap to use, and with a little work, you can get your property listed as an advert.

Cons: Whilst you can list as an individual, you will be redirected to Housing Anywhere to do this, and then your listing will be advertised on Mitula. The site is not property specific and has hard to see search functions.

About: Not all sites that allow you to list your home are dedicated property platforms. Mitula is a Spanish company that uses its large network of advertising sites, making it great for selling most types of property all around the world. However, it loses focus on selling your property in the UK due to global searches and multiple categories.

Home property website

#8. Home (

Pros: Easy to use and detailed search functions, shows older listings and clearly marks when properties have been reduced in price.

Cons: A dated website that will deter some users.

About: Home was one of the first property platforms on the internet. Although it has a dated looking website, it provides easy to read reports and shows properties from all portals. It is arguably one of the best tools on the internet for comparing property prices.

Trovit property website

#9. Trovit (

Pros: Multiple categories, global listings, RSS Feeds.

Cons: Less focus on property

About: Trovit is very similar to Mitula. The site aggregates adverts from many sites and in many categories, including property, jobs, cars, and other products. Listings are global, and although postcode searches often yield no results, searching by the town will bring you all the results from a host of platforms that Trovit has crawled. You can even set up RSS feeds and email alerts for anything in the categories. Trovit is an extremely powerful advertising component.

Nestoria Property Website

#10. Nestoria (

Pros: Search engine, good reporting, multiple search options

Cons: Lots of options, listings from everywhere

About: Nestoria is a property search engine and the 5th largest property website in the UK. It combines all the listings from multiple portals to give you an easy search function. Search by town, not the postcode.

Homes Go Fast

#11. HomesGoFast (

Pros: Strong overseas properties, excellent for villas, investments

Cons: Not just UK property

About: HomesGoFast popped up a few years ago and rapidly grew. Initially starting in the UK, it spread globally and is now seen as the leading resource for holiday apartments and investments.

Nethouseprices property website

#12. Nethouseprices (

Pros: Handy valuation tools, free to use

Cons: Slightly spammy, mobile app needs work

About: One of the first property portals was NetHousePrices. Being well ahead of the game, it has 50 years of experience. NetHousePrices is one of the most visited UK property portals around the world. It is run by a small team of developers. However, it does lack some of the features of a large property portal development team. is a definite requirement to have your property listed if you want to make a quick sale on your house. Read more about NetHousePrices Read more about nethouseprices here.

Other noteworthy property portals:

waterside properties

#13. Waterside Properties (

Waterside Properties is a specialist property website that hosts only sea-view and maria apartments. A site worthy of a holiday home.

Rentify property website

#14. Rentify (

Rentify is an interesting portfolio site that helps automate the lettings process, building stronger opportunities and providing a scheduled payment system for landlords.

It's also great for investors with a large portfolio with fixed gross yields across the UK. They guarantee investments with no voids, no arrears and no hassle.

uklanddirectory property website

#15. UK Land Directory (

The UK Land Directory lists all previous and available land on their website. It's the best place to go if you are looking to purchase some land to build a house or even run a farm!

They also have a place to sell your land with an easy registration process here. It's the perfect place to privately list your UK land to sell online.

smartnewhomes property website

#16. Smart New Homes (

Smart new homes is a team of investors on which they buy or build new homes. They pride themselves on listing most new builds around the UK and have many shared ownership deals.

Smart New Homes has a great guide to first-time buyers with the government help to buy scheme. This is only available for new builds. Check out their guide on how to use the government scheme here.

property news

#17. Propertynews (

Lastly, Propertynews is a site which lists properties for sale in Northern Ireland, a similar site to Propertypal you can find an array of properties for sale and rent in Northern Ireland.

And there we have it, a definitive list of the UK's top property websites!


If you are planning on selling your property over the coming months, then Griffin Property Co. can assist you with our cost effective property selling system.

    By using our DIY upload system, you can advertise your property for as little as £195, with no hidden costs or estate agent fees. This property sellers bargain will suit anyone who is happy to assemble the necessary information such as photographs, property description etc.

    We offer a range of add-ons such as a premium upgrade which includes professional photography, property particulars floor plan and virtual tour for only £200, completion management for £125.

    Our selling system guarantees your property will be advertised on all the major property portals. Once online our portal is fully responsive meaning you can use it on any device and interact with potential buyers at any time.

    If you require any further information the Griffin team is always on hand to offer friendly support and expert advice.

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