Successful property investment isn’t something that happens overnight.

Successful property investment isn’t something that happens overnight.


Successful property investment isn't something that happens overnight. It requires a great deal of trial and error to find your feet with an investment strategy, a lot of which comes from due diligence at the start of the process. In this article, we will look at what landlords need to consider when investing in new areas.

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landlord legal considerations

Legal Considerations for First-Time Property Landlords

Being a landlord is straightforward, but being a good landlord is not easy to master. A lot goes into being a good landlord. From managing property taxes and m
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holiday let investment

Are Holiday Lets a Good Investment in the UK?

Everybody needs some time off every once in a while. The stress related to working, studying and having to fulfil other responsibilities throughout the entire y
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leasehold property

Things to consider when buying leasehold property

Leaseholds are best understood as a form of rent paid by homeowners to freeholders in exchange for ownership of the property.
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letting agent fees and services

Letting Agent Fees and Services

Property investment is a popular way to make some extra money. In fact, there are nearly 2.7 million landlords currently in the UK. Are you considering becoming
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Rightmove vs Zoopla? Which is Best?

Rightmove vs Zoopla? Which is Best?

06.11.2019 and are popular Property Portals in the UK. Mode of operation might be same but with common factor. Check out the difference.
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profitable landlord

How to be a profitable Landlord in a competitive market

Buy to let and the role of being a landlord can allow you to reap some impressive financial gains. It is generally seen as being simpler and lower risk than st
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buy to let tips

8 Buy to let tips for a First time investor

Jumping into buy to let can be financially risky, so we’ve created a list of 10 great tips for buy to let for first time investors.
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