Using the Griffin Property Co Website

Using the Griffin Property Co Website

For us at Griffin Property Co, our aim is to make the process of buying, selling, letting and renting as efficient and as cost-effective as possible for all our customers. As online real estate agents, our simple, straightforward website is easy to navigate whether you are looking to buy or rent the perfect property, or get started with selling or letting.

If you are confused on how to get started, here is our handy guide for navigating the Griffin Property Co website.

Creating an Account


The first step in your journey with us is to create an account. Once you have opened the homepage, click on the LOG IN button. On the following page, click on the SIGN UP button and fill in your details.


Once your account has been created, you will be redirected to your account dashboard, which will automatically select the Buying/Selling tab.

Selling a Property

If you are looking to sell property, select the right option from the account dashboard by clicking on ADD A PROPERTY or LOOK FOR A PROPERTY.


The following page gives you the opportunity to fill in your property details such as address, asking price and basic descriptions. You will then be asked to add photos of the property. It is also possible to appoint us to take professional photographs on your behalf as an additional extra feature.

The next stage is to select the optional features that you would like to add to your listing. Sellers can choose all, some or none of these depending on their particular circumstances.


You will then see a preview of your listing and have the opportunity to tweak anything that isn't quite right. Once you are happy with the listing, you will proceed to the final stages where you upload identification documents and confirm payment.

Letting Your Property

To let a property, select the LETTING tab at the top of the account dashboard page. Click on the ADD A PROPERTY button.

Like the process for adding a property for sale, you will be asked to give details of the property, add photos and select from the available optional features. The optional extras do of course differ from those for selling, with options such as tenant referencing and rent and deposit collection available.


Once you have previewed the listing and decided that you are happy to proceed, you will also be asked to provide ID verification and confirm payment.

Searching for the Perfect Property

The process of identifying the perfect propertyis simple for buyers and tenants alike. In your account dashboard, choose from either the BUYING/SELLING button if you're looking to buy, or the LETTING button to search for properties to rent.

Prospective tenants can then click on LOOK FOR A PROPERTY. The following page will bring up the search function where you can enter your chosen search parameters. The website will then load all the properties which meet your criteria. When you find a property that appeals to you, you can then view the listing.

At the bottom of the page, click on the ARRANGE VIEWING button to start the process.


Buyers can search through our available properties for sale by clicking on the LOOK FOR A PROPERTY under the BUYING/SELLING tab. Once you have found the right property and wish to view it, click on the ARRANGE VIEWING button.

Making an Offer

If you have decided that you have found the right property, you can then make an offer or request to let the property. You can do this by going back into the listing, scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the MAKE OFFER button or the REQUEST TO LET THIS PROPERTY button.

And that's it! If you have any questions or need any additional information, please get in touch with us 0345 561 0050 or email us at [email protected].

What is a Memorandum of Sale?

What is a Memorandum of Sale?


<p>The term 'memorandum of sale' may sound like incomprehensible legal jargon, but it's actually reasonably straightforward. Once a buyer has agreed to purchase a property at the seller's desired price, a memorandum of sale is issued. This is not a legally binding document; moreover, it signals the intent of the buyer to purchase the property and the owner's intent to sell at the agreed price. </p>

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How to Manage Offers on the Griffin Property Co Website

How to Create and Manage Property Offers


<p>Griffin Property Co's purely online model makes managing the sale of your property as stress-free and straightforward as possible. Buyers who have identified their ideal property can make an offer simply and quickly and for sellers, we've made it easy to respond to and accept these offers. </p>

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How much is my house worth

How much is my house worth?


<p>The never ending question about how much your house is worth is always at the tip of every house seller's lips. The real answer is that it is worth as much as a person is willing to pay for it but that doesn't hold much grace here as you cannot enter that in a field asking for your sale price. It is very true that some houses are easier to value than others. For example if you live in a house on a terraced street you will quite often be able to find sold prices of other houses on your street which will pretty much be the exact same price your house is worth; loft extensions excepted. However if you live in a street with a variety of house sizes and designs or in a remote area it can be much trickier and the asking price can be much more influenced by buyer sentiment. </p>

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How to add a Letting to the Griffin Property Co Website

Adding a Letting to the Griffin Property Co Website


<p>For landlords looking for a superior level of service at a competitive rate, Griffin Property Co is ideally placed to locate that perfect tenant. Our standard £10 package includes listings on Zoopla, PrimeLocation and On the Market and puts you in the driving seat. Prospective tenants can contact you on the platform to arrange viewings or to submit enquiries, and you can schedule, re-arrange or cancel viewings at your convenience. Most importantly, you are not tied into a contract and can cancel at any time.</p>

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How to book a viewing for lettings and sales properties

How to Arrange and Manage Viewings


If you are searching for the perfect property to buy or rent, it couldn't be simpler to use our property portal to arrange and manage viewings. Once you have an account with us, you can log in to search for properties in the area of your choice.

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How to Create an Account

How to Create an Account


Creating an account is simple. First, open the homepage, click ‘LOG IN’ in the top right hand corner and then click ‘SIGN UP’ on the next page.

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