Worth Moving For: The Amenities Buyers Look For When Relocating

Worth Moving For: The Amenities Buyers Look For When Relocating

When relocating to a new city or town, today's homebuyers are looking for more than just a home. As the competition heats up for sellers looking to attract new residents, especially young professionals and families, the amenities available in any given area are becoming a pivotal factor in those all-important relocation decisions.

In addition to the perfect location, amenities are now one of the top priorities for potential homebuyers researching new areas to move to. In fact, amenities like access to green space, recreational facilities and transport connections are weighing more heavily in relocation choices. For homebuyers today, amenities provide a better day-to-day quality of life and convenience, as well as long-term lifestyle security. The offerings available nearby are making certain locations increasingly enticing for relocating residents.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Parks and outdoor spaces top the list of amenities homebuyers in the UK look for when relocating. Studies consistently show access to green spaces like woodlands, nature reserves and public gardens is a high priority for those choosing where to move and could be beneficial for our mental health. This preference translates directly to home values—properties located near attractive green amenities often sell for higher prices than comparable homes without these outdoor features nearby.

Cities around the UK with an abundance of accessible parks and green belts are finding it easier to draw interest from new residents. Bristol, boasting over 400 public parks and proximity to nature, has emerged as the number one destination for Londoners relocating outside the capital. Other municipalities renowned for their open spaces, like Edinburgh with its city gardens and Manchester with its urban oases, also rank highly as hotspots attracting homebuyers looking for a balance of urban amenities and natural scenery. For many, living close to ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors is a key factor in deciding where to move.

Sports Facilities

Access to sports and recreation facilities is another major draw when relocating to a new area. Youth sports offerings in particular sway relocation decisions, as parents look for ample opportunities to enrol their children in sports leagues, classes and camps.

Besides youth activities, fitness centres, golf courses and facilities for adult recreation leagues also attract newcomers looking for amenities that align with their lifestyle and enable them to make friends in their new town or city. Easy access to gyms, pools, courts and fields for staying active provides day-to-day value and gives residents a sense of community, making locations with these sports and recreation options appealing for relocating buyers.

Public Transportation

Access to public transportation is a major priority for today's homebuyers looking to relocate. Studies show a clear preference for walkable neighbourhoods with access to regular buses and rail lines for getting further afield. For many, living near robust public transportation provides flexibility and convenience in their lifestyle, especially if they choose to live on the outskirts for the best of both worlds. It makes getting to the central shopping districts, to work or to events much easier, and gives residents more opportunities to enjoy everything a destination has to offer.

Easy access to trains and buses allows residents to commute easily without relying on a car, while also offering simple connections to shopping, entertainment and other local attractions. This is highly appealing to young professionals, families and downsizing retirees alike.

Nurseries, Schools and Colleges

For families with children, the standard and reputation of the local school system is often one of the most influential factors when deciding where to relocate. Parents thoroughly research their options when it comes to schooling for their children, including nurseries for families with younger children. Strong academic performance, ample resources for students, innovative programming and extracurricular activities offered by schools will sway relocation choices.

For parents with older children, proximity to colleges and universities may also appeal to families, with the enrichment opportunities this offers and the prospect of their children staying local for higher education being a further consideration. Locations focused on investing in education and developing a robust campus scene see success in drawing relocating families. Educational offerings provide security for families' future when weighing where to move, particularly if they plan on staying put for several years to come.

Entertainment and Cultural Highlights

Access to entertainment, cultural and intellectual amenities is also hugely influential for today's buyers. Proximity to diverse attractions like museums, concert halls, theatres, galleries, festivals and other civic events is a major perk that adds value for residents. Destinations that invest in developing vibrant main streets, entertainment districts, and abundant cultural institutions find success in drawing new residents seeking enrichment in their downtime.

For young families, amenities like children's museums and family-friendly festivals provide convenient entertainment and stimulation for kids during school holidays, while for adults and retirees, venues like concert halls, art galleries, libraries and live performance spaces offer an engaging, inspired lifestyle. The amenities available nearby help determine how enriching and exciting an area can be for relocating buyers and how happy they'll be when living there.

A property move is a big step, whether you're relocating to another part of the country or staying in a neighbourhood you love. But it's about more than just the home itself – what you're surrounded by goes a long way to determining how happy you'll be in your next space. Being able to enjoy life outside your home is often worth paying more for, and these amenities and features make a location not just a place to live, but an enriching home.

From the convenience of being able to get around without the need for a car to a highly regarded school for your children or access to a growing community, it's important to consider more than just the interior of a property when you move. Taking these features into account will give you a broader feel for what living in an area will be like, to hopefully help you make the right choice for your lifestyle.

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