Why having online presence is key selling your property

online presence

In today’s competitive property market, it is important to do the most you can to ensure that you sell your property quickly and for a great price. Over the last decade, the Internet has dramatically changed the way estate agency works.

Not only are estate agents able to advertise properties on their own websites but also by using property search engines like Zoopla and Rightmove, it really can make selling your property a lot easier.

So why is it so important for your property to have an online presence?

Nowadays, estate agents heavily rely on marketing property online. Millions of buyers and sellers every year can catch a glimpse of a variety of different properties from different agents in a matter of minutes.

Property search engine, Rightmove, is the 6th most viewed website in the UK. That’s ahead of BBC News in 7th. This really gives you a huge platform for advertising the sale of your property. It’s activity you can’t afford to miss out on!

Not only this, but when people view your property online, they have enough to go by to determine whether or not they will be interested in viewing the property from the details provided. This ensures that nobody will view just because an agent may have said it would be suitable for them, only to not be interested at all.


Competitive Market

Without an online presence, you will struggle to receive the levels of interest that hundreds of other homeowners are getting on their properties, who’s properties will have an online presence on agent websites as well as property search engines.  

Nowadays, if you are not actively selling online, people may start to ask questions as to how committed you are to finding a buyer for your property.


Higher conversion rate

With such easy access to many properties at their fingers tips, many people looking to buy a house can now register their interest in your property within a matter of seconds and will be able to contact the relevant agent or seller directly using the contact details provided.

It’s for these reasons that having an online presence in today’s modern age is a no brainer if you are serious about selling your property quickly and looking to get the best possible price for it.

Would you like to know more about how having an online service can boost your selling potential for your property? Get in touch with a member of the Griffin Property Co team today! 

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