Q&A with Nick Neale, Griffin Property Co Director

Q&A with Nick Neale, Griffin Property Co Director

Q: Should I choose the cheapest conveyancing solicitor?

A: Although price is a factor when it comes to choosing a conveyancer, it should never be regarded as the be-all and end-all. Cheaper solicitors of tentake on larger caseloads leading to delays in the process or mistakes occurring. Choosing a conveyancer should be done with the following aspects in mind; do they have a reputation for timely customer service, have they been recommended to you by either the estate agent who has worked with them in the past or do you have a personal recommendation from a friend or colleague?

When asking for a quote I would check that the firm offers a fixed fee, no completion, no fee conveyancing service. Should the property sale fall through, you will not have to pay any legal fees; just third party disbursements.

Q: Does it matter if my chosen solicitor is not on my mortgage lender's approved panel of solicitors?

A: If your solicitor is not on your mortgage lenders panel, they cannot represent you and you will have to use another law firm to carry out the legal enquiries. Most of the larger conveyancing firms are on all high street lenders' panels but if you know who your lender is, it's worth confirming they can act before instruction.

Q: Is it sensible to appoint a local conveyancing solicitor?

A: Whether they are local solicitors or online conveyancers, they all provide the same service - to complete all the legal aspects of moving home. Nowadays it makes no difference where your conveyancing solicitor is based as all communication can be done via the phone, email or post. There shouldn't be any need to actually visit the office.

Q: Is there anywhere I can find recommendations from others who have been through the conveyancing process?

A: There are quite a few online comparison sites for conveyancing now but I would always check their reviews on Trustpilot as well.

Q: Should I expect timely communication from my solicitor?

A: You should absolutely receive timely communication and updates from your solicitor. Additionally, many online conveyancers now employ an automated sales progression system, ensuring that clients are informed as soon as key milestones are achieved. As a friendly reminder, while we encourage staying informed, it's important to respect your solicitor's time and refrain from excessive follow-ups.

As part of our conveyancing process, we recommend Complete ASAP. They will provide a no sale, no fee conveyancing quote along with full sales progression included.

If you would like any further advice on conveyancing or the sales process itself, please call us on 0345 561 0050 or email us at [email protected].

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