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On The Market Tips and Tricks 2020

On The Market Tips and Tricks 2020

On The Market Tips and Tricks 2020

Check out our handy guide to On The Market and find the best property hunting methods of 2020.

What Is On The Market?

On The Market

On The Market was launched in January 2015, On The Market is one of the simplest ways to search for property. They aim to give potential buyers, sellers, renters and landlords with a platform to advertise or purchase properties.

Here at Griffin Estate Agents, we offer a full service to advertise your property on On The Market through us, we also offer a completely free valuation!

Being a new site On The Market technology is up to date and seamlessly fits all types of devices and apps. They provide many beautifully presented flats, homes and businesses across the UK and even overseas.

On The features thousands of new properties every month, they even receive them due to the latest technology before Rightmove or Zoopla, you can also set up property alerts for instant notifications when a property appears in your selected area.

Every property which is shown On The Market is from full-service estate agents who are always experts in the area. They personally check out every application to their portal before allowing access.

On The Market has an overseas search which is one of a kind for you holiday investors.


On The Market Tip 1.

Our first handy tip for On The Market is for any property sellers, before you list your property or get an estimate from an estate agent why not use the On The Market sold prices tool. The tool lets you search any area for completely free to see the property prices which were paid in the UK past, this handy tool can give you an estimate before approaching professionals to how much your property may be worth.


On The Market Tip 2.

Look out for agents which have a special deal with On The Market called New & Exclusive, this means the property is only being listed on On The Market and not Rightmove / Zoopla. They give first priority to people who advertise exclusively with them.


On The Market Tip 3.

If you are a student On The Market offers a student service here. This is an exclusive link which helps any students in the UK find only student accommodation by looking through On The Market.


On The Market Tip 4.

On The Market offers a new homes page here. This is exclusively only for new homes for those who want to buy new builds.


On The Market Tip 5.

Keep an eye on the blog they run here, it gives you a great insight into where the property market is moving. They also have a number of articles about house buying and selling, these are written by professionals who have worked in the property industry for many years.


Are you interested in a free quote today and advertising on On The Market? Contact us here.


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