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Top 10 Most Viewed Homes in the UK on Rightmove 2019

Top 10 Most Viewed Homes in the UK on Rightmove 2019

Did you just win a lottery, and you have a bucket load of cash to spend? Do you have some hazy plan to buy a penthouse on Rightmove UK? Or are you just bored and want to feed your eyes off some luxurious real estate property? You are in the right place!

Buying houses, or any landed property at that can be a tricky affair. Even when you have more than enough money (which is mostly not the case), finding, and choosing the perfect house could be such a chore. Griffin Property Co is an embodiment of passionate, dedicated, and committed people. To this end, we have decided to save you all the hassles, by highlighting the features of the top 10 most viewed UK Homes on Rightmove UK, in 2019.

We’ll explain in a bit how much this helps you. The houses we’ll be listing are not just from any online portal; it is Rightmove UK. For those that somehow do not know, Rightmove UK is arguably one of the most versatile Real Estate Portals in the world! Now if a house is on Right move, and it is one of the most viewed, you can be sure that it is one of the best houses around in the UK! If these houses are the most viewed on, they are the most viewed in the UK! With well over a million houses, you can only imagine how much work was put into this selection. We don’t demand gratitude, but we sure don’t mind. Dive in!

NB: The listed houses are in no particular order.

Top 10 most-viewed homes on Rightmove UK 2019

1. Greybrook House

greybrook house

Greybrook House, London. Via

Penthouse alert! We love penthouses, and we know you do too. First off, unless you’re the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company like, the asking price for this house will blow your mind to smithereens. It goes for a whooping £46,000,000! Yes, you read that well. But then again, we’re just getting started.

With a private roof terrace, this property depicts luxury and class like no other. A gross internal area of over 14500sq.ft, this house comprises five fully furnished apartments. You know it'll be something magnifique when the architects responsible for the King Edward VII Gallery at the British Museum decide to create art.

On the top floor of the penthouse, the Garden Roof Terrace affords you the view you only see in movies; an incredible view of the beautiful city of London!

If this is one of the top houses on the mind of the populace, either so many people have loads of money in the UK, or people just like the idea of a £46,000,000 house!

2. Kiero Veor

St Minver, Rock Rightmove UK

Kiero Veor. Via

Apparently, the public loves the idea of a relatively modest, rural getaway! Not everyone likes the hustle and bustle of the city, and every once in a while, fleeing to a ‘luxurious village’ wouldn’t hurt.

St. Minver, Rock, is a stunning farmhouse, and we reiterate that it is perfect for the holidays. Sat in 15 acres of beautiful vegetation, you enjoy space and privacy like no other. It enjoys Countryside views that extend to the River Camel and beyond! Are you thinking of boats, and stakes, and loads of fishes just yet?

A modest home, it is only one-storeyed and goes for a fair £2,350,000 (Now, we know ‘fair’ is relative!)

3. Canonteign Manor

Christow Exeter, Rightmove UK

Christow Exeter. Via

In case you didn’t know, here’s a quick fact: in medieval England, a Manor described a territorial estate that belongs to a Lord. You weren’t born a Lord, here’s your chance to be one. We mean that in a figurative sense, of course!

Though, are you big on history and ancient artefacts? Do you have some £3,950,000 to spare? This 400-year-old house is for you! Apparently, quite several people think the same way too. Set on 11,000 Square Ft., and with over three floors of accommodation, plus the historic heritage embedded in her walls, all you need is a crown on your head and a sceptre in your hand!

Rightmove brings us this Manor which boasts of amazing views, a beautiful garden, and a swimming pool. Though monstrous on the outside, it is indeed modest and easily manageable. About £4,000,000, and it could be yours just visit Rightmove UK and check it out!

4. Almeley, Hereford, HR3

Almeley Rightmove UK

Almeley, Hereford. Via

If there’s anything you need to know first, this house is a Georgian House. Now, the highlight of Georgian Houses is that they are fire-resistant (THE HOUSE, DEFINITELY NOT IT’S CONTENTS). 

She is a 10 – bedroomed property that sits on 427 acres! There’s more space than you could ever need. It is strategically located at the heart of the city, and things couldn’t get any better! 

Wouldn’t you feel like Mother Nature if you had a lake in your backyard? That’s right! This property affords you such luxury and more, at a price tag of £10,000,000 only, thanks for this Rightmove!

5. One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X

One Hyde Park Rightmove UK

One Hyde Park. Via

Bachelors in the house, say hi! This one's for you. Okay, anybody. We just thought bachelors fit the picture best. Are you big on privacy and modern luxury on a much smaller (say one bedroom) scale? So long as you have enough money, this property is what you’ve been searching for on Rightmove UK!

Situated at one of the most exclusive addresses in the world, apartments like this set you in the class people long for. Your neighbour just could be David Cameron. You never know!

She has a pool, a concierge, and unrivalled leisure facilities, to name a few. It feels just like the building Christian Grey would live in. Bingo! The bachelor idea had to come from somewhere.

6. Manor Farm Fishery, Great North Road, Lower Caldecote, Biggleswade, SG18

Manor Farm Fishery Rightmove UK

Manor Farm Fishery. Via

Are you a businessman looking to test new waters (literally!)? You should just squeeze out £850,000 and purchase this property. You can be sure that with adequate planning and strategy, you’d make your money back in no time!

An 83.3-acre fishing farm with good buildings, three parking lots, six lakes and natural groundwater (River Ivel), is a hot market!

You can stop fishing for properties on once you have purchased this.

7. Quarr, Isle Of Wight

Quarr Isle of Weight Rightmove uK

Quarr, Isle Of Wight. Via

This property has awe-inspiring aesthetics. Sitting on 7,200 Square ft. With a private beach, life couldn’t get any better! She boasts of 6 bedrooms, a gym, 2 study rooms, swimming pool, and even a plant room.

It's so beautiful; it has featured in several world-renowned property and lifestyle magazines! The property has three storeys and boasts of modern technology – triple glazed glass windows, to name a few.

8. Mansion House, Cowley Street, Westminster, London, SW1P

Mansion House Rightmove UK

Manor House. Via

You know what they say about hot iron. Strike it! For the first time in a long time, the Mansion House has been put up for sales on Rightmove. Located in the Heart of the Establishment, we believe this location alone is worthy of the whopping £30,000,000 it sells for!

From its roof terrace, you are afforded rare views of landmarks like the Big Ben, the House of Lords, and Westminster Abbey.

With a wine room, cinema, spa, gym, swimming pool, and integrated audio and lighting system to name a few, this property reeks of luxury, definitely, a property Rightmove UK should be proud of!

9. Beetham Tower, 301 Deansgate M3 4LX

Beetham Tower Rightmove UK

Beetham Tower. Via

Another Penthouse on Rightmove UK! If you’re not scared of heights, you should consider this property. It is located on the 44th-46th floors of the famous Beetham Tower, at the heart of Manchester. It has a home cinema, iconic perspectives of Manchester City, four bedrooms, 24hr concierge, smart home tech air conditioning, full security in CCTVs, to name a few. If there’s anything about this building, it oozes style and class!

10. Castlehill Farm & Castlehill Farm Cottage, Humbie Road, Glasgow, G76 0PT

Castlehill Farm Rightmove UK

Castlehill Farm. Via

If there's anything we appreciate, its effort! To imagine that this luxurious property used to be a dairy farm is just surreal! Many renovations have been done, and now the property sells for a modest £1,700,000.

Sitting on 10 acres of land, this property comprises an original Victorian farmhouse and a restructured U-shaped farmhouse. It is, indeed, beautiful.

It has a beautiful garden, a human-made pond, and an island accessed by a bridge. It affords luxury at such a relatively affordable price. If you would like to do farming on a small scale someday while you enjoy the luxury of your home, you should buy this property! 

See the full list below:

  1. Greybrook House
  2. St Minver, Rock
  3. Chistow, Exeter
  4. Almeley, Hereford
  5. One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge
  6. Manor Farm Fishery, Great North Road
  7. Quarr, Isle Of Wight
  8. Mansion House, Cowley Street
  9. Beetham Tower, Deansgate
  10. Castlehill Farm, Humbie Road

There you have it. The above-listed houses are the ten most viewed, and invariably, the most wanted in the UK at the moment from Since the market demand is high, sellers tend to increase their asking prices now and then. It is essential that you use credible online estate agents UK like Griffin Property Co, to handle the seamless purchase of these, and any kinds of landed properties. You can’t always do everything for, and by yourself.

Are you having a problem making a decision? We offer professional advice too. When purchasing a home, nothing can be left to chance! 

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